[Samba] smbd do not start

Rommel Rodriguez Toirac rommelrt at nauta.cu
Thu Sep 17 13:51:58 UTC 2020

El 17 de septiembre de 2020 9:21:55 GMT-04:00, Rowland penny via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> escribió:
>On 17/09/2020 14:11, Rommel Rodriguez Toirac via samba wrote:
>> ***************************************
>> Hello Rowland;
>> thanks for write me back.
>>   Now verifying that everything was fine:
>> $ getent passwd ATGTM00\\rommel.rodriguez
>> rommel.rodriguez:*:11144:10513::/home/rommel.rodriguez:/bin/bash
>> $ getent group ATGTM00\\informatica
>> informatica:x:11142:
>>   It look tha be Ok; but when I try to login as a user of my network
>and is impossible.
>Can you log in as 'rommel.rodriguez' ?
>> If I try to add a user locally it is denied, because the user exists
>in Active Directory, and it is denied:
>> $ sudo useradd -c "Rommel Rodriguez Toirac" rommel.rodriguez
>> [sudo] password for administrator:
>> useradd: el usuario «rommel.rodriguez» ya existe
>You do not add users locally, you add them to AD, so that command
>fail ;-)
>You need to add your users to AD with 'samba-tool user create', or ADUC
>or an ldap tool like LAM.
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No, I can not log in as rommel.rodriguez and this user exist in the samba4 ADDC.

Rommel Rodriguez Toirac
rommelrt at nauta.cu

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