[Samba] Automatic mapping shares on logon time

jmpatagonia jmpatagonia at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 13:21:31 UTC 2020

Hello we are testing samba 4.11.2 and we try automatic mapping shares
folders for users that their have permissions on fileserver, on the logon
time, like logon script on Windows.

Any have a method to do this ?

I explain, instead of the user go to "File Browser" and navigate and map
the share folders on the fileserver, we try to automatic map this folders
on logon time.


PD: We thinking in a complex method where the user guest the built-in
samba4 ldap (ldap serach) for your groups and according the groups that
their have mapping the file sharing with gvfs-mount, because we implemented
the pair same group-namex-share-namex.

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