[Samba] No DNS domain configured

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Mon Sep 7 08:54:35 UTC 2020

Hai, well,   Close..  

I see multiple errors which makes that DNS setup isnt working. 
We have multiple ways to setup networking these days, which also makes things more confusing..
- old style. /etc/network/interfaces 
- netplan    /etc/netplan/00-installer-config.yaml 
- systemd    /etc/systemd/network/lan-devX.network

> >
> probably isn't, if netplan is being used :-)
> It could be what I just found, check 
> /etc/netplan/00-installer-config.yaml
> Does it show the information you expect ?

Yes, it is most probley missing the DNS entries.. 
	 addresses: [,, ]

netplan try
And if ok,  netplan apply

But, samba needed here. 
	 addresses: [ip_DC1, IP_DC2, IP_DC3 ]

> It didn't on one DC in a two DC domain I created, it only 
> showed google as the nameserver.
Its a known bug with netplan. 

>  From my (limited) understanding, you are supposed to edit 
> /etc/systemd/resolved.conf , add the required data and then run 
> 'systemctl restart systemd-resolved.service' and everything 
> is supposed  to get updated, only it didn't on one DC.

Systemd is not netplan but you can combine these..
Only i would not recommend it, works fine, but i preffer to pick one type of setup. 

> It was such a lot easier when you just edited /etc/network/interfaces 
> and /etc/resolv.conf and then rebooted :-\ 
All /etc/network/interfaces needs is : dns-addresses ip_dns1,ip_dns2 
And a restart of networking

Or use only systemd its networking setup, then it was only 1 file you need to edit.

# This setup is for a Domain MEMBER server.
# IPV4 only.


# make use of systemd-resolved and its setup, setup the 'search dnsdomain.tld.'

# lets make use of systemd-timedate and timesyncd for the member servers.
# we assume the DNS are also the NTP servers. (just point to the AD-DC's.) 
# For AD-DC, disable NTP here and install ntp daemon, obligated.

# DNS resolvers (its safe to mix IPv4 and IPv6)
# Max 3 DNS entries. ::1 or if you use a cacheing dns.
# If you use systemd-resolved stub (caching) dns, use (only)
# Defaults to the AD-DC servers found in the dns.
# For AD-DC, set IP of the AD-DC itself.

# IPv4 gateway and primary IP address.

All you need and always correct for IPv6. 

So to me, this thread cant proceed untill dns resolving is fixed. 

> It was such a lot easier when you just edited /etc/network/interfaces 
> and /etc/resolv.conf and then rebooted :-\
And yes, this is way easiers, only if you use this, other parts then are more difficult to setup.
And thats based on my experience.

So far, 



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