[Samba] Linux client joined to domain

Robert Wooden wdn2420systm at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 11:50:05 UTC 2020

I am studying how to join a (most likely) a Debian/Ubuntu based client to
an existing domain as a workstation. (Have experimented with linux joins
before so not too concerned with the join part. I can figure that out on my

There are two DC's, one member server, and multiple W10 workstations on the

My question is this, if the Debian/Ubuntu based client (workstation) like a
second domain member server but without shares?

And if so, setting up the smb.conf, do the "idmap uid = number range" and
the "idmap gid = number range" need to be the same ranges as the existing
member server (fileserver) on the domain or are these idmap ranges unique
to the client member and has no relationship to the existing member server

As the client is not "sharing" any files with other workstations do the
idmap ranges matter to the functioning of the linux workstation?

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