[Samba] Acls

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Sat Sep 5 16:14:35 UTC 2020

On 05/09/2020 17:01, Philip Offermans wrote:
> I got an output. 
What output did you get ?
> But I changed it. But still the same problem. But is there a place 
> with more info about this.

You could try reading this:


> From my understanding, am I linking windows rights with the unix 
> rights. But I don’t really understand what I am doing. I just copy the 
> winbind settings, and don’t really bother. 
Just copying something without understanding why, isn't a good idea.
> But maybe when I understand what I am doing, I can fix the problem 
> myself.
> Btw the problem is, to my understanding, is a right problem. I think 
> that I have rights in windows, but that I don’t have right in unix. To 
> my understanding winbind is kinda a translator that translate windows 
> to unix. So I have to manage the right on windows and on linux. And 
> winbind is just a transporter. But maybe I am wrong.

Your understanding is fairly close. You must have the permissions to 
change things on Unix from Windows and the Windows user you are doing it 
with must be known to the Unix client. This means that 'getent passwd 
Windowsuser' must produce output on the Unix machine.

Can you post your smb.conf ?


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