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Fri Sep 4 16:53:07 UTC 2020

As you can see in that picture, Administrator has all rights to the dir, I am loged in as administrator. But I can't change rights. 


"Philip Offermans via samba" <samba at lists.samba.org> schreef op 4 september 2020 18:31:

> Hi I have some problems with setting permissions on my share. I think it has to do that I didn’t
> configure this
> If you use the winbind 'ad' backend on Unix domain members and you add a gidNumber attribute to the
> Domain Admins group in AD, you will break the mapping in idmap.ldb. Domain Admins is mapped as
> ID_TYPE_BOTH in idmap.ldb, this is to allow the group to own files in Sysvol on a Samba AD DC. It
> is suggested you create a new AD group (Unix Admins for instance), give this group a gidNumber
> attribute and add it to the Administrators group and then, on Unix, use the group wherever you
> would normally use Domain Admins.
> I am using a raspberry pi. And don’t know how to set this up. 
> Philip
> p.s. can an admin block Emma the hooker😂. She is sending spam. It’s anoying
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