[Samba] Dual controllers with bind DLZ - DNS change propagation

Michal Bruncko michal.bruncko at ssrk.sk
Fri Oct 30 11:45:36 UTC 2020


our AD domain is hosted by two samba AD domain controllers version 4.12.6
- replication between controllers is fine, no problems.
- no schema errors.
- no database errors, all fine.

we use this samba DCs with bind with DLZ backend 
(bind-9.11.13-6.el8_2.1.x86_64) to manage internal DNS zones. bind/DLZ 
setup is deployed completely same way on both DC1 and DC2 (mostly 
followed samba wiki during deployment).
we manage this DNS using RSAT tools on windows machine.

if I create a RR record ("A" for example) in one of DNS zones (on DC1 
using RSAT), then I can confirm that this change is almost immediately 
propagated to DC2 with using both:
- LDAP editor connected to DC2
- RSAT DNS manager connected to DC2

this change is immediately reflected by bind on DC1 and I am able to 
resolve name based on what I've created.
the problem is with bind on DC2 - it is still returns NXDOMAIN for this 
at the end the RR records seems to be resolvable, but it takes some 
bunch of time (in hours?)...

doing "rndc flush" or "rndc refresh" will not help at all...

do I miss something in this setup? why it is not reflected by bind in 
same way as on DC1?

thank you


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