[Samba] odd issue with permisions

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Oct 28 09:20:38 UTC 2020

On 28/10/2020 09:09, Dan Egli wrote:
> On 10/28/2020 2:49 AM, Rowland penny via samba wrote:
>> On 28/10/2020 08:00, Dan Egli via samba wrote:
>>> It's been over 24 hours and no one has even touched this. I could 
>>> really
>>> use a bit of help. Yes, it works when I create the files/dirs in samba
>>> because of the masks I set, but that's just a kludge. It shouldn't
>>> matter that the GROUP permissions are if the USER permissions allow
>>> access and the file is owned by the current user.
>> Hi, no one on this list gets paid to help, you certainly haven't paid 
>> anyone for support, so you have no right to moan about not getting 
>> help within 24hrs.
>> The problem is that it works for myself, but I am in a domain and may 
>> in fact be using the group as well, I would need to do more testing 
>> to see if this is the case, so it needs to go on my to-do list, which 
>> is lengthy.
>> You are using a standalone server, so do your users exist as Unix and 
>> Samba users ?
>> Rowland
> Well excuse me! And to answer your question, the user dan exist in 
> both the /etc/passwd file and in samba's user database.
> -- 
> Dan Egli
> On my Test server

That does it, you have now been removed from my to-do list and I will 
ignore any further posts you make.

You are coming over as an entitled brat and you are not entitled to 
anything here.


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