[Samba] NetBios at AD DC mode ?

Nick Howitt nick at howitts.co.uk
Tue Oct 27 17:26:40 UTC 2020

On 27/10/2020 15:43, CpServiceSPb via samba wrote:
>> ... and if you need network/share browsing Roland pointed me to a great
>> utility, wsdd (https://github.com/christgau/wsdd), which is also
>> packaged by various distros.
> Thanks for all.
> It' s almost exactly what I looked for, at least, to remain working
> "compurers/devices list" .
> I re-set all possible servers/clients to using the new technology.
> I built without Debian deb of wsdd2 from C-code daemon (not python
> one) and started it successfully.
> And all seems working well except a one fly in the ointment.
> Namely, Windows 2016 is disappeared from ITS OWN neighborhood after
> Refresh menu item pressing.
> All clients are still remained here.
> And it appears again either after pressing "Refresh" menu item after
> some time from first pressing.
> But such "way" works time to time only, not always.
> Or Windows 2016 server is appeared again in ITS OWN list almost always
> just after restarting service "Function Discovery Resource
> Publication" .
> Windows 7 and Windows 2008R2 were tested as well and there was not
> noticed such situation with these OSes.
> But at the same time my Ubuntu machines (2 servers) are appeared at
> all Windows lists correctly always.
I don't know about wsdd2, but wsdd appears to have limitations with some 
network types (vpn and docker were mentioned). I think your best source 
of information is from the wsdd or wsdd2 site.

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