[Samba] NetBios at AD DC mode ?

CpServiceSPb cpservicespb at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 15:43:38 UTC 2020

> ... and if you need network/share browsing Roland pointed me to a great
> utility, wsdd (https://github.com/christgau/wsdd), which is also
> packaged by various distros.

Thanks for all.
It' s almost exactly what I looked for, at least, to remain working
"compurers/devices list" .
I re-set all possible servers/clients to using the new technology.
I built without Debian deb of wsdd2 from C-code daemon (not python
one) and started it successfully.
And all seems working well except a one fly in the ointment.

Namely, Windows 2016 is disappeared from ITS OWN neighborhood after
Refresh menu item pressing.
All clients are still remained here.
And it appears again either after pressing "Refresh" menu item after
some time from first pressing.
But such "way" works time to time only, not always.
Or Windows 2016 server is appeared again in ITS OWN list almost always
just after restarting service "Function Discovery Resource
Publication" .
Windows 7 and Windows 2008R2 were tested as well and there was not
noticed such situation with these OSes.

But at the same time my Ubuntu machines (2 servers) are appeared at
all Windows lists correctly always.

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