[Samba] Problem with samba-tool --reindex

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Fri Oct 23 14:53:35 UTC 2020

On 23/10/2020 15:32, me at tdiehl.org wrote:
> I am not sure. If I do:
> (vdc1 pts9) # samba-tool spn list SHOPOFFICE-20$
> shopoffice-20$
> User CN=SHOPOFFICE-20,CN=Computers,DC=kmg,DC=mydomain,DC=com has the 
> following servicePrincipalName:
>          TERMSRV/ShopOffice-20.kmg.mydomain.com
>          TERMSRV/SHOPOFFICE-20.kmg.mydomain.com
> I see the TERMSRV/SHOPOFFICE-20.kmg.mydomain.com is listed twice.
> Is this the problem? If yes what is the correct way to fix this?

Well the correct way to fix this is for Samba to not allow you to create 
what is the same SPN twice :-D

Yes, they are the same SPN, just in different case and case doesn't 
really matter to Windows, but Windows seems to want hostnames in 
uppercase, so I would remove the 
'TERMSRV/ShopOffice-20.kmg.mydomain.com' SPN


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