[Samba] NetBios at AD DC mode ?

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Fri Oct 23 10:32:39 UTC 2020

On 23/10/2020 11:10, CpServiceSPb via samba wrote:
>> Active Directory was created to replace netbios
> If you see 2008r2, 2012 and even 2016 and 2019 acted as AD DC but I think
> you saw it, it is (NetBios) still at a place here, despite on AD DC mode.
> As far as I know there are many small/medium LANs where NetBios features
> such as neighborhood, folders, printers sharing using NetBios names
> resolving and others are still used.
> In my opinion It would be better to offer to admins/users alternative - who
> wants they uses v2 and not uses NetBios, who wants they return to v1 and
> uses NetBios that they could make a decision on their own
> And this will be fully identical functioning as Windows DCs behaviour.
> As for compatibility also.
> Cp Service SPb...

The latest versions of Windows have SMBv1 turned off by default, but can 
be turned on again, but this is not recommended. To use netbios, you 
need SMBv1, Samba is working towards removing SMBv1 and, like Windows, 
has turned it off by default, but it can be turned on again, this is not 

Eventually, SMBv1 will be removed from Samba, whether this is before or 
after Windows removes it, is up to Windows, but it will be removed by both.

If you are still using netbios, can I suggest you make plans to stop 
using it, before you are forced to.


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