[Samba] Q: Upgrading samba from 4.9 to 4.13

Robert Marcano robert at marcanoonline.com
Thu Oct 22 14:27:18 UTC 2020

On 10/22/20 10:10 AM, Marco Shmerykowsky via samba wrote:
> On 10/22/2020 9:40 AM, Robert Marcano via samba wrote:
>> On 10/22/20 9:38 AM, Robert Marcano wrote:
>>> On 10/22/20 9:30 AM, Marco Shmerykowsky via samba wrote:
>>>> I've been looking at the Sambawiki for notes on upgrading
>>>> (https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Upgrading_a_Samba_AD_DC)
>>>> The way I read it it is suggested to uninstall samba
>>>> completely and then essentially re-installing.  That seems
>>>> like a Murphy's Law disaster (with my luck) waiting to
>>>> happen.
>>>> Is "upgrading "in-place" a realistic option?
>>> I have been upgrading multiple domains since 4.8 without problems, 
>>> the difference here is that I have done it incrementally and not in a 
>>> single step. I upgrade to the latest 4.x release when 4.x+1.0 is 
>>> released.
>>> I think the developers are very careful to not break in place 
>>> upgrades, but I don't think there is some kind of testing 
>>> infrastructure to test single step upgrades from all older releases, 
>>> I maybe wrong. You can try with a dump of your domain on a testing 
>>> environment and report if you have problems.
>> I forgot to add that if you go this way I recommend you read all 
>> release notes from all intermediary releases so you don't miss 
>> something you need to do.
> So an alternate way to do this is to upgrade-in-place at each step.
> ie. 4.9 to 4.10 then 4.10 to 4.11 then 4.11 to 4.12 etc.

I am not sure I would have the patience to do it that way, If I ever 
experience problems with in-place upgrade after testing, I would restore 
from backup and use the rejoin process. It would be easier for me 
because I am running Samba in containers. People running in VMs will be 
easier too.

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