[Samba] Policies for AD clients (still poledit only ?).

Peter Boos peter.boos at quest-innovations.com
Wed Oct 21 09:44:13 UTC 2020

So only for old NT4 style PDC - BDC environment one needs poledit.

While AD's (with virtual pdc role servers) can use the MMC. 

We got a pure Samba AD environment and thus it should work.
Be it that we might not have all mmc templates (not yet checked that).

Thanks Viktor.

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In the article you provided you'll find the following paragraph:

Currently Samba, the Free Software SMB Server, does not implement Active Directory functionality when using it as a Primary Domain Controller. If you deploy any Samba PDCs you will want to master System Policies using the SPE. So this article will cover the basics of Microsoft's older System Policy Editor, how to obtain it, use it and implement it's policies. 

So this is specifically not about an AD setup and therefore not relevant for you IMHO. 


On October 21, 2020 10:32:32 Peter Boos via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:

I'm creating a deploy plan, for strict client policies (to comply to ISO standards and security)
For mixed win 7 enterprise and win 10 enterprise on a Samba Active Directory.

On the lookout if Samba would be any different towards client policies.
I did some googling, and got pointed to old samba articles of 2007:


Saying that samba allows only for poledit.exe (not the mmc variants?)
Is this still the case ? 
And why?, as there is a policy editor mmc on a win 10 pro client.
And even non win 10 pro clients have ways to get it.

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