[Samba] problems on domain members after upgrade to DC to AD

Piviul piviul at riminilug.it
Tue Oct 20 14:33:19 UTC 2020

Hi all, I have finally upgraded my old NT style domain to AD. The most 
has successfully migrated but not all... :(
In a couple of old samba member server (samba 4.1.17) there was problems 
getting users so I have joined the old servers to the AD domain. The 
shares seems now works without problems except bsd printing shares... on 
these servers I have set printing = bsd a create some virtual printing 
that should call the /print command/ set on the virtual printing share.
When users go to print on these virtual printers spool doesn't works so 
no script is called. On the server I find the error:
lpq: Unknown destination "printer name"

Where "printer name" is the name of the printing share.

I have have to install/configure something more on these servers to have 
bsd printing works on AD members?

Thank you very much


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