[Samba] Replication issues / local DRS authentication failure

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon Oct 19 17:54:21 UTC 2020

On 19/10/2020 18:43, Derek Lambert via samba wrote:
> Hello,
> I've having recurring issues with the second DC in my Samba AD domain. I've
> demoted/removed the second DC a number of times and re-provisioned it.
> It'll work for a bit and then replication breaks.
> Since replication is broken I've been doing the following to remove it:
> DC-02
> systemctl stop samba
> systemctl disable samba
> DC-01
> samba-tool domain demote --remove-other-dead-server=h-msn-smbdc-02
> --verbose --username=administrator
> samba-tool dbcheck --cross-ncs --fix --yes
> systemctl restart samba
> samba-tool domain tombstones expunge
> Before re-provisioning DC-02 yet again, I wanted to make sure DC-01 is
> truly healthy, and it appears that it may not be.
> [root at h-msn-smbdc-01 ~]# samba-tool drs showrepl
> Failed to bind to uuid e3514235-4b06-11d1-ab04-00c04fc2dcd2 for
> ncacn_ip_tcp:[49153,seal,target_hostname=
> h-msn-smbdc-01.dom.local.com,abstract_syntax=e3514235-4b06-11d1-ab04-00c04fc2dcd2/0x00000004,localaddress=]
> ERROR(<class 'samba.drs_utils.drsException'>): DRS connection to
> h-msn-smbdc-01.dom.local.com failed - drsException: DRS connection to
> h-msn-smbdc-01.dom.local.com failed: (3221225581, 'The attempted logon is
> invalid. This is either due to a bad username or authentication
> information.')
>    File "/usr/lib64/python3.8/site-packages/samba/netcmd/drs.py", line 55,
> in drsuapi_connect
>      (ctx.drsuapi, ctx.drsuapi_handle, ctx.bind_supported_extensions) =
> drs_utils.drsuapi_connect(ctx.server, ctx.lp, ctx.creds)
>    File "/usr/lib64/python3.8/site-packages/samba/drs_utils.py", line 63, in
> drsuapi_connect
>      raise drsException("DRS connection to %s failed: %s" % (server, e))
> [root at h-msn-smbdc-01 ~]# net ads testjoin
> kerberos_kinit_password LOCAL at DOM.LOCAL.COM failed: Client not found in
> Kerberos database
> kerberos_kinit_password LOCAL at DOM.LOCAL.COM failed: Client not found in
> Kerberos database
> Join to domain is not valid: The name provided is not a properly formed
> account name.
> [root at h-msn-smbdc-01 ~]# net rpc testjoin
> Join to domain 'LOCAL' is not valid: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
> It looks like there's some sort of authentication issue with authenticating
> to itself?
> I've considered re-provisioning DC-02 and stealing all the FMSO roles,
> demoting/removing DC-01, and re-provisioning DC-01. Not sure if that'd fix
> the issue, but I'd rather understand what the root cause of this is.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Derek

There is a possible vital piece of information missing from the above, 
the name 'Fedora'. I take it you are using the distro Samba packages, if 
so, don't. The Fedora distro packages use MIT for kerberos and are not 
recommended for production use.

Can I suggest you use Debian on your computer (rpi ?) instead and this 
will use Heimdal for kerberos.


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