[Samba] macOS performance issues (Rowland penny)

Ian Klemm iandavid2000 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 21:24:02 UTC 2020

> You could try running Wireshark to see what is going on.  It may be a tcp/ip issue that has nothing to do with samba.

How about the config, is there any additional tuning potential?


wins support = yes
workgroup = WORKGROUP
server string = nas
netbios name = nas
security = user
map to guest = Bad User
load printers = no
disable spoolss = yes
max log size = 50

# macOS
fruit:aapl = yes
ea support = yes
vfs objects = fruit streams_xattr
fruit:metadata = stream
fruit:model = MacSamba
fruit:time machine = yes
fruit:copyfile = yes 

comment = Privat
path = /mnt/hdd/ian
write list = ian
valid users = ian
force user = ian

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