[Samba] Samba Mail

Philip Offermans mail at philipoffermans.nl
Sat Oct 10 12:06:44 UTC 2020

I am not sure if this message already went out. I really need a new mail server. Sorry😁

Hi I am trying to authenticate my mail server with samba ad.
The only problem is that I don’t get it working. 

root at dna:/data/CA/EasyRSA-v3.0.6# ldapsearch -x -h gaia.rompen.lokaal -D 'vmail' -W -b 'cn=users,dc=rompen,dc=lokaal'
Enter LDAP Password: 
ldap_bind: Strong(er) authentication required (8)
	additional info: BindSimple: Transport encryption required.

I can not read the ldap database. I think it is a certificate problem. I made my own CA agent, and gave samba a server certificate for ldap. But how can I use the public key to read the database?


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