[Samba] creating and copying users

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Fri Oct 9 16:18:27 UTC 2020

On 09/10/2020 16:52, Robert Wooden wrote:
> Rowland,
> I remember now, you and I have been here before and I have lost the email.
> Due to the manner that linux handles backslashes "\" users need to 
> backslash /around/ the backslash you need for W10 like so, "\\\\FQDN" 
> to get "\FQDN" on the W10 path?
> Therefore, the following is what I want:
>  "--profile-path=\\dtmbr04.ad.dtntwk.work 
> <http://dtmbr04.ad.dtntwk.work>\profiles\sttest11 
> --home-directory=\\dtmbr04.ad.dtntwk.work 
> <http://dtmbr04.ad.dtntwk.work>\users\sttest11"
> So I need to send this: " --profile-path=\\\\dtmbr04.ad.dtntwk.work 
> <http://dtmbr04.ad.dtntwk.work>\\\profiles\\\sttest11.V6 
> --home-directory=\\\\dtmbr04.ad.dtntwk.work 
> <http://dtmbr04.ad.dtntwk.work>\\\users\\\sttest11"
> Did my brain remember correctly?

Yes, the backslash is treated as an escape character on Unix (for 
instance, if you wanted to echo a Dollar sign ($) you would have 
something like <echo "Computername\$">), so if you want use a '\', you 
need to double them.


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