[Samba] creating and copying users

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Oct 9 15:20:43 UTC 2020

If you use windows ADUC, i do recommend to this on Win7PC. 
Because thats the only way (for now) that 
automaticly sets the last used UID/GID +1 for the next user.

- Create user in ADUC
- If backend AD is used (as your do) 
    set UID/GID and Homedir (the linux path) and shell 
- Now add userHome and userProfile in ADUC. 

The user homedir is now created. (when you klik Apply/Ok) 

The user profiles will be created when you logout a PC. 

I hope that helps a bit. 
But yes, a full setup without windows tools, is what im working to myself also. 

On the point, some folders are created, some not. 
Thats because you 
- Create user in ADUC
- Now add userHome and userProfile in ADUC. 

- set UID/GID and Homedir (the linux path) and shell  

You MUST set UID/GID before you apply in ADUC for the userhomedir and profile dir. 

I hope this helps a bit.  ( at least for now ) 

Have a great weekend. 



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> This topic may have been discussed many times, sorry to repeat here.
> I have been trying various combinations of adding test users 
> via ADUC. The
> first three (3) added fine. Then the strange began. Many, 
> many W10 client
> re-starts throughout these process to make client capture any 
> changes from
> servers.
> In one case, create the user, give him/her a password. Login from W10
> client. Logout of W10 client. Return to ADUC, add profile 
> path. Back to W10
> client, login. Check creation of profile on member server 
> path location.
> Sometimes, yes and sometimes no it is not created.
> In the situation where the W10 client login profile *did 
> populate* on the
> member server, I logout. Go back into ADUC and give the "home" folder
> (redirected folders) a member server path. Again sometimes it 
> populates the member server and sometimes not.
> I would prefer to learn how to do this with samba-tool. I 
> have no problem
> creating a new user via samba-tool. It is the addition of a 
> profile path
> and "user" (home?) folder path. Do you add a bash shell? And 
> what is the
> correct order of commands for "samba-tool user add"?
> Essentially I would like to try to duplicate the options ADUC 
> creates when
> adding a user. (As ADUC appears to not be working properly 
> from time to
> time.)
> As yet, I have not determined a definitive sequence that I 
> *can reproduce*
> to diagnose what is going wrong. Sometimes everything (profiles and
> redirected folders) works and sometime one or the other or both fail.
> All created users get UID (via samba-tool) and are members of 
> a group with
> a GID.
> Could I get anyone to share the 'command string' you use as a starting
> point for the correct order of "switches" used for 
> *samba-tool user add*?
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