[Samba] Is Samba unable to resolve secodary group membership?

Michael Schwarz schwarz at uni-paderborn.de
Wed Oct 7 15:00:50 UTC 2020


I have a somewhat complicated problem and so far I have not been able to 
find any hints that have brought me further towards a solution:

I run a CIFS cluster with two nodes using ctdb and samba. This cluster 
is connected to an Active Directory. The share contains directories 
which belong to the user root and a certain group. The users who are to 
use the CIFS gateway are given access to those directories on the Unix 
group. If the directory belongs to the current user or the other rights 
are set accordingly, the user also receives access via Samba. However, 
if the user gets rights to this directory solely on the basis of his 
group membership (secondary group), Samba will deny access. If I give 
the directory to the user's primary group, access will also work.

The tested directory is named "pc2-mitarbeiter" (for a deeper look in 
the attached logfile) and the accessing user is <USER2>.

drwxrws--- 24 root     pc2-mitarbeiter   4096  2. Okt 13:21 pc2-mitarbeiter

<USER2> is member of the "pc2-mitarbeiter" group and has set a primary 
group "users".

This leads me to the conclusion that the mapping AD-User -> Unix-User 
and the primary group works. But Samba does not get the apparently group 
membership in the secondary group resolved.

The environment:
There are two more or less separate worlds: One is the Windows world and 
the other the Linux world. In the Linux world an OpenLDAP server and a 
Kerberos service is used to authenticate users. For the Windows world a 
conventional AD is available. These are two independent islands with 
technically different users but matching user names and group names. The 
only connection between the two worlds is the user name itself. So one 
account in the Linux world and the corresponding account identified by 
the username in the Windows world are the same person. The two servers 
on which the Samba Cluster runs receive the system users from the LDAP. 
In addition, the Samba server is a member of the AD domain. Winbind is 
not configured for nss / pam. It's only intended to be used for the 
authenticating against the samba server. The two servers also serve the 
directory via nfs4 (not managed by ctdb) which works perfectly with 
correct permissions.

Operating system is CentOS 7.8, Samba 4.10.4 (RPM version 

A few debug outputs:

[root at lus-gw-1 samba]# net ads testjoin
Join is OK
[root at lus-gw-1 samba]# wbinfo -u | wc -l
[root at lus-gw-1 samba]# wbinfo -g | wc -l
[root at lus-gw-1 samba]# wbinfo -n <USER2>
S-1-5-21-3542048200-3079820972-537594794-55128 SID_USER (1)
[root at lus-gw-1 samba]# wbinfo -s 
AD\<USER2> 1
[root at lus-gw-1 samba]# wbinfo -i "AD\<USER2>"
failed to call wbcGetpwnam: WBC_ERR_DOMAIN_NOT_FOUND
Could not get info for user AD\<USER2>
[root at lus-gw-1 samba]# wbinfo -S 
failed to call wbcSidToUid: WBC_ERR_DOMAIN_NOT_FOUND
Could not convert sid S-1-5-21-3542048200-3079820972-537594794-55128 to uid

The WBC_ERR_DOMAIN_NOT_FOUND is a little bit wired. The winbind logfile 
reports "NO_SUCH_USER" in this case.

Samba configuration:
[root at lus-gw-1 samba]# net conf list
         workgroup = AD
         netbios name = lus-gw
         security = ads
         realm = AD.UNI-PADERBORN.DE
         load printers = no
         winbind use default domain = yes
         winbind scan trusted domains = no
         idmap config * : backend = tdb
         idmap config * : range = 100-999
         idmap config ad : range = 1000-99999999
         idmap config ad : backend = ad
         kerberos method = secrets and keytab
         name resolve order = host bcast
         winbind cache time = 5
         winbind expand groups = 3
         log level = 5
         fileid:algorithm = fsname
         vfs objects = fileid acl_xattr

         path = /scratch
         comment = Lustre re-export
         read only = no
         inherit acls = yes
         inherit permissions = yes
         create mask = 700
         directory mask = 700
         kernel oplocks = yes
         valid users = @meta_pc2_acc_cr2018

DNS configuration:
The two nodes of the cluster are available under the same DNS-Name and 
both ips get resolved to this name.

I have also set up a stand alone samba server (with the same user 
configuration) on a Debian stretch system which shows the same behavior. 
So this issue seems independent from the cluster mode and samba version 
(4.5.16-Debian vs 4.10.4). I have attached some logfiles. Which further 
information could be helpful?

Michael Schwarz

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