[Samba] Upgrade to Samba 4.12 question

Jiří Černý cerny at svmetal.cz
Mon Oct 5 13:06:54 UTC 2020

Thank you for clarification.
So NTLM authentication (SMBv1) is still running (and supported), even in 4.13 and (near) future versions?
Maybe our machines will die before Samba team finally end the SMBv1 support, but I don't believe that much:)

Can I have one additional question?
When I deactivate NTLMv1 on DCs (or new version of Samba removes it), but I leave it enabled on fileserver with older Samba/Windows, will be win95-like NTLMv1 client able to connect to that fileserver?

Thank you very much.

>>> Sven Schwedas <sven.schwedas at tao.at> 5.10.2020 11:38 >>>
On 05.10.20 11:26, Rowland penny via samba wrote:
> Stop me if I am wrong, but, from memory (long time since I saw a win95
> machine), win9x never used kerberos, it only used lanman auth, so
> changes to kerberos shouldn't affect you. If it worked on 4.11.x, it
> should work on 4.12.x

You can install an optional Active Directory Service Client for win9x,
but that only replaces lanman with NTLMv2, Kerberos is explicitly not

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