[Samba] Setting Share Permissions and ACLs from Linux

Robert Marcano robert at marcanoonline.com
Fri Nov 27 14:21:37 UTC 2020


I usually has to setup share permissions remotely over a slow speed 
link. Having to start a remote desktop session just for settings a few 
permissions bits is painful.

The wiki documents that you should use the Computer Management mmc 
module to do this and that the permissions are stored on 
share_info.tdb., So I a have a few questions:

¿It is possible to set these permissions from the same server CLI? I 
tried smbcacls but this tool needs two parameters, the share and a file 
path inside that share, I tried with the "." file path just to check if 
that could work, but doesn't.

As the share permissions are stored on share_info.tdb, what the share 
folder POXIS ACLs and user.SAMBA_PAI xattrs do on these directories that 
are used as shares?

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