[Samba] Docker / Kubernetes without static IP addresses

Paul O'Reilly paul-samba-mailgrp at tw.co.nz
Wed Nov 18 19:36:50 UTC 2020


We (a small MSP) have been running Samba AC-DC and filesharing from 
docker containers for our clients, currently as part of a stack deployed 
via docker-compose. Our experience so far is in line with the list, that 
we've got these containers running on static IP addresses and have 
experienced some pain with Samba adding internal docker IP's to it's 
database otherwise.

Our current set up does come with some drawbacks - requiring us to 
overlay a docker network with a customers LAN, assign the IP, and set up 
a mac vlan bridge on the host OS (debian) so that other containers can 
communicate with Samba (we have found the host kernel will otherwise 
block traffic to the Samba container). There's a few other pain points 
that come from using a fixed IP, but it's by far the best solution to date.

We're exploring moving into Kubernetes, and a part of that, effectively 
running Samba behind a proxy (the ingress). We'll effectively be trying 
to broadcast out of a private subnet and have Samba ignore the IP 
address it's running on in favour of one we specify (if we can).

Is there existing support to do so, and any information we should be 
aware of?

Kind regards,


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