[Samba] changes on DC not replicated, while showrepl reports no issues

mj lists at merit.unu.edu
Tue Nov 17 14:58:16 UTC 2020

Hi Louis,

Never noticed there are only five different unknown invocation IDs, they 
just repaet. :-)

We have only three DCs now, but:

We used to have three, of which we (years ago) ditched two, keeping one 
and added two new ones. So totally in our AD ever has known 5 DCs at 
different times.

> I could only find myself.
> https://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2019-November/226912.html
Yep I already read that post as well. :-)

> samba-tool visualize uptodateness -r
> Does not show out of sync here.
Same here! No out of syncs there. (it does show "unknown invocation ID" 
in it's output)


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