[Samba] changes on DC not replicated, while showrepl reports no issues

mj lists at merit.unu.edu
Tue Nov 17 12:41:19 UTC 2020

Hi Rowland,

On 11/17/20 1:11 PM, Rowland penny via samba wrote:
> Try reading this:
> http://www.frickelsoft.net/blog/?p=148

I googled for "unknown invocation id" and samba, and found nothing much.

Thanks for the article now, I read it. (plus some more)

They seem to be on AD DC restores etc. But the thing is: we know not to 
restore a DC (and instead add new DCs), and therefore never restored one.

This AD has been running stable for a number of years now.

At one point, years ago, we had issues, and decided to continue with one 
of our DCs (I think it was DC2). We removed the others, re-added them, 
and ever since, there have been no issues.

We run hourly ldapcmp, and showrpel etc, so I'm pretty sure that things 
have been in sync for some years now, and through many samba updates.

Are the "unknown invocation IDs" the base of our issue?

Could that explain why samba-tool visualize reps says that "there is no 
connection" for DOMAIN from DC4 to DC3/DC2?

Insights on how to proceed..? We've stopped making changes on our AD for 


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