[Samba] NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVERS with domain joined member samba server

Rich Webb rwebb at zylatech.com
Tue Nov 10 02:20:50 UTC 2020


We had a strange thing happen today - we shut down our system (virtual machines) so that some work could be done in the server closet and everything was shut down gracefully but when everything was started back up I can no longer access my file server from windows. I get the following message in windows: 

\\fs1 is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact 
the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. 

We can't sign you in with this credential because your domain isn't available. Make sure your 
device is connected to your organization's network and try again. If you previously signed in 
on this device with another credential, you can sign in with that credential. 

I am able to see and access netlogon and sysvol on the samba 4 ADDC (DC1) from this same computer. 

My log.smbd shows the following: 

#> tail log.smbd 
check_ntlm_password: Authentication for user [tech] -> [tech] FAILED with error NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVERS, authoritative=1 
[2020/11/09 20:58:45.144324, 2] ../../auth/auth_log.c:653(log_authentication_event_human_readable) 
Auth: [SMB2,(null)] user [CROSSFIRE]\[tech] at [Mon, 09 Nov 2020 20:58:45.144299 EST] with [NTLMv2] status [NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVERS] workstation [CROSSFIRE-EDITI] remote host [ipv4:] mapped to [CROSSFIRE]\[tech]. local host [ipv4:] 
{"timestamp": "2020-11-09T20:58:45.144420-0500", "type": "Authentication", "Authentication": {"version": {"major": 1, "minor": 2}, "eventId": 4625, "logonId": "0", "logonType": 3, "status": "NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVERS", "localAddress": "ipv4:", "remoteAddress": "ipv4:", "serviceDescription": "SMB2", "authDescription": null, "clientDomain": "CROSSFIRE", "clientAccount": "tech", "workstation": "CROSSFIRE-EDITI", "becameAccount": null, "becameDomain": null, "becameSid": null, "mappedAccount": "tech", "mappedDomain": "CROSSFIRE", "netlogonComputer": null, "netlogonTrustAccount": null, "netlogonNegotiateFlags": "0x00000000", "netlogonSecureChannelType": 0, "netlogonTrustAccountSid": null, "passwordType": "NTLMv2", "duration": 3439}} 
[2020/11/09 20:58:45.144546, 3] ../../auth/gensec/spnego.c:1444(gensec_spnego_server_negTokenTarg_step) 
gensec_spnego_server_negTokenTarg_step: SPNEGO(ntlmssp) login failed: NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVERS 
[2020/11/09 20:58:45.144634, 3] ../../source3/smbd/smb2_server.c:3256(smbd_smb2_request_error_ex) 
smbd_smb2_request_error_ex: smbd_smb2_request_error_ex: idx[1] status[NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVERS] || at ../../source3/smbd/smb2_sesssetup.c:149 
[2020/11/09 20:58:45.145740, 3] ../../source3/smbd/server_exit.c:244(exit_server_common) 

CROSSFIRE-EDITI is the windows machine that I'm attempting to access fs1 from. 

All of this was working fine before I shut down the servers... according to the process list smbd and nmbd are both running. I am able to log into the domain from the workstation and it authenticates me without error so I think the DC is working properly. 

The DNS on FS1 is pointing to the DC1 server - verified that. 
I'm not out of disk space. 

Tried to check the simple stuff. This server hasn't been rebooted in quite a while and has been rock solid for several months. 


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