[Samba] variable substitution

Piviul piviul at riminilug.it
Tue Nov 3 14:10:34 UTC 2020

Hi all, now that I have solved drivers problem on shared printers I've 
found a new problem regarding variable substitution on shared printers 
"print command"... in smb.conf on the print command parameter section I 
> %J - the job name as transmitted by the client.

but the print command receive the ip address with dots replaced with 
underscore :? In effect in smb.conf variable substitution section I can 
> %J - the IP address of the client machine, colons/dots replaced by underscores.

There is no way to have the job name to send to the print command as it 
was before the AD upgrade?

Furthermore I have another problem in variable substitution: %m doesn't 
contain the client machine name but his ip address. That's seems due to 
the smb ports parameter; in effect in man smb.conf I can read: This 
parameter is not available when Samba listens on port 445. There is no 
way yo have the client name? All %m, %M, %I contains ip address...

Thank you very much


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