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> I have a samba server running as an active domaincontroller. 
> I want people in an other office building to use the same 
> samba server. What is the best way to do this? 

This depends on, do you have enough bandwith. 
How GPO's are used, so make a plan before you deploy. 

> Use a second domain controller 
Possible, if you have the hardware, and the bandwith. 

> Vpn to first domain controller. (Using an Mikrotik router). 
Also possible.. 

> And how can you configure windows to use the vpn at startup?
Yes, you can, see: 

But, i would recommend a Lan2Lan VPN. 

To give an idea.. 

I have multiple remote locations, where everyone login in the main office. 
No remote server, but, i have a 1 Gig  internet link.. 

I also recommend you to read : 



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