[Samba] Easy way to create missing bind-dns/named.conf and BIND9_DLZ libs?

Don Kuenz mail at crcomp.net
Fri May 29 01:37:39 UTC 2020

In article <6fd9b5c1-d8ad-a974-5a9b-bbf581655179 at samba.org> you wrote:
> On 28/05/2020 14:40, Don Kuenz via samba wrote:
>> To install a package FreeBSD you can either compile it from scratch, or
>> install as a binary built by someone else.
> Yes, I know, but it sounded like you either plonked a copy of another DC
> on your system (which wouldn't work) or you just installed Samba and
> wrote your own smb.conf
>> My server does not use the ZFS system.
> So, it is using UFS
>>   And it was provisioned into an existing domain.
> I do hope you meant 'joined' instead of 'provisioned'.

Yes on both counts. It uses UFS and it was joined to an existing domain. 

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