[Samba] Easy way to create missing bind-dns/named.conf and BIND9_DLZ libs?

Don Kuenz mail at crcomp.net
Thu May 28 05:14:20 UTC 2020


bind914-9.14.6 and bind-tools-9.14.6 were built and installed on a new
FreeBSD 12.1 samba DC. Then a prebuilt samba410-4.10.13 package was 
installed. Both bind-dns/named.conf and BIND9_DLZ libs are missing.

Is Samba or ISC-BIND supposed to install the missing DLZ components?

If Samba's responsible, can it only be accomplished by a (lengthy) 
compile/link/install process or is there an easier, quicker way?

Thank you,
Don Kuenz KB7RPU
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