[Samba] Failed to commit objects: DOS code 0x000021bf attempting to add DC to Zentyal 3.2 domain (samba 4.1.7)

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Tue May 26 12:39:31 UTC 2020

On 26/05/2020 13:16, Rich Webb via samba wrote:
> ----- On May 26, 2020, at 4:27 AM, Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org wrote:
>>>> Not a huge domain - maybe 8 users or so.  When you say in place
>>>> upgrade are you talking about upgrading Zentyal so that Samba gets
>>>> upgraded to at least 4.5 or above?
>>> Yes, or Samba on the Zentyal appliance - even if built manually and
>>> just pointed at the right directories (after forcefully disabling the
>>> installed Samba).  I'm not sure how well a modern Samba would build
>>> there, you might have to build 4.5.
>>> But if just 8 users, the simplest approach might be to just make your
>>> domain as 'flat' as possible then try replication again, and fix it up
>>> later.
>>> All the best,
>>> Andrew Bartlett
>> Sorry Andrew, but I do not agree, in my opinion the best option would be
>> to start again. With only 8 users (and presumably a similar number of
>> computers), it will be quicker and easier to create a new domain.
>> Zentyal 3.2 is based on Ubuntu 12.04, so I am unsure whether 4.5 will
>> build on it, even if it does, there is is still the problem of the early
>> dns schema.
>> The amount of work involved in getting the Zentyal domain upgraded will
>> be far more than setting up a new domain.
>> Rowland
> There are other factors outside of the domain migration to take into consideration as well.  If I rebuild the domain I have to physically go there because to remotely disjoin/rejoin the windows stations, although it can be done, it would be better to be onsite if issues arise.  Next, they have a windows server running some complicated software that is joined to this domain so not keen on disjoining/rejoining that server as I don't know what havoc it would create with some very touchy apps.
Ahh, what with my crystal ball being on the fritz, I didn't know that :D
> I have a post into the zentyal forums to find out if there is a clean migration path to their 6.x version.. so far nobody has responded.  I will give it a while and see if someone answers.  I don't know what Samba version their 6.x product uses but it is very likely higher than 4.5.
If Zentyal do have an upgrade path, then this will be the way to go, but 
I think it might entail upgrading to the next major Zentyal version, 
version by version.
> Doing this remotely in off-hours is appealing because I can do it from my home so I can afford to spend some extra "free" time as long as I am careful with VMWare snapshots so I can undo disaster if it occurs :)
> Andrew, what did you mean "as flat as possible"?  I have very little as far as objects in the AD database.. mainly users and if DNS is integrated, DNS entries.  Also not a lot of structure as far as OUs and whatnot.

I think he means fixing any problems in the AD db, remove any 
unnecessary objects, that sort of thing, but you do have at least two 
extra OU's,  OU=Kerberos and OU=Groups, both off the base.

The DNS is integrated, but it isn't the version used now, see here for 
more info:



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