[Samba] Attribute or value exists during LDB_RENAME

Alex samba at abisoft.biz
Fri May 22 11:00:13 UTC 2020

>> After  removing a distribution group in AD (on a Windows DC) yesterday, there're
>> a lot of such errors in samba-dc (4.12.2) since then:
>> [2020/05/22 13:19:04.200747,  1] ../../source4/dsdb/repl/replicated_objects.c:904(dsdb_replicated_objects_commit)
>> Failed to apply records: Failed to locally apply remote rename from CN=videdom,CN=Users,DC=domain,DC=com to CN=videdom\0ADEL:961b28de-c68a-470c-af75-a5ad30ddc539,CN=Deleted Objects,DC=domain,DC=com:
>> error in module linked_attributes: Attribute or value exists during LDB_RENAME (20): Other
>> How to get that fixed?
> Ii looks like the group was deleted on the Windows DC but the deletion 
> isn't replicating to the other DC's, or it was replicated, but something 
> is now trying to delete it again on the other DC's. Can you check which 
> record exists on the other DC's.

I have two DCs: Windows (keeps all the roles) and Samba. There're no such record on
Windows DC anymore.

This command issued on samba-dc does not show anything relevant as well:
# ldbsearch --cross-ncs --show-binary -H /usr/local/samba/private/sam.ldb -b 'CN=Users,DC=domain,DC=com' -s sub '(objectClass=group)' | grep videodom

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