[Samba] Cannot Write to Linux Shares from Mac

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu May 21 07:08:23 UTC 2020

On 21/05/2020 00:04, Hal Vaughan via samba wrote:
> I have two Samba shares on the system.  One is intended to be read-only and the other read-write.  Here are the share portions of my smb.conf file:
Please don't do that, if you are going to post a portion of your 
smb.conf, post it in its entirety.
> (The commented out follow simlinks is for testing some things - not in use now.)
Oh yes it is, it is the default.
> My desktop is an iMac, running macOS 10.14.3.  I can mount MediaShares and give it my password, but it’s no longer writeable.  It was a month or so ago, but now that I’m trying to rip more CDs to the media library, I can’t write to MediaShares at all from my iMac.
> In the past, I had the share auto-mounting, without even asking for my password, but now, when I mount the MediaShares volume, I have to do it by hand and use my password.
Something obviously changed, if not on the Samba server, then has an 
update occurred on the imac ?
> How can I make this volume mount R/W from my iMac and what probably changed things so it was no longer auto-mounting or letting me write to it?

Please post your entire smb.conf.


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