[Samba] Intermittent permission denied when accessing share

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon May 18 14:20:54 UTC 2020

On 18/05/2020 14:42, Lorenzo Milesi wrote:
> This means Win clients are logging in via LDAP?
> Can this be related to the inaccessible shares problem?
Not sure, but that is the way it looks, just a thought, are you using 
sssd ?
>>> [homes]
>>>           path = /home/CONDIVISI/personali
>> No, you do not use 'path =' with '[homes]', change '[homes]' to '[home]'
> How will it work then? I cannot find a documentation page on the wiki about [home].
> thanks
Just like a normal share, '[homes]' is a special share that doesn't use 
'path. There used to be something on the wiki about using '[home]' on a 
DC, I didn't know it had gone until you mentioned it ;-)
> I was mistaken, it was a NT4 domain.
> But yes we moved the clients from the old to the new domain using Forensit Migration Tool
How did you create the domain ?
> While doing other maintenance I found krb5-kdc system service being in error. Trying to start throws:
> Cannot open DB2 database '/etc/krb5kdc/principal': No such file or directory - while initializing database for realm WDC.MYDOMAIN.IT

Oh Dear, you seem to have a kerberos server running on your Samba AD DC, 
no sorry, make that two kerberos servers.

That is unless your OS is Fedora and you are using the distro packages 
and you missed the 'experimental' warning.

> Is this a problem?
Oh yes
>   During installation I don't recall any reference to this service, and /etc/krb5.conf doesn't mention this path.
It wont.


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