[Samba] DNS problem ubuntu server 20.04

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Mon May 18 07:31:44 UTC 2020

> > I can make it also work like this.
> >
> > ( sub => bind9 caching) => 
> samba AD-DC dns.
> >
> OK, I have been thinking about this (yes I know, thinking, possibly 
> dangerous), And yes, you could do that on a DC, but why ?
More dangerous, well, yes, agree on that.. 

Why would people do that, well, in this in one case i have its to speeds up cli requests
and i've added dns blocking parts in the bind caching part. 
Its not a regular setup in this case and normaly we dont do this..

> All your clients would use '' for their nameserver and 
> '' and '' would be ignored by the clients, or am I 
> missing something.
> Also, lets not forget we are talking about a DC , so if you cannot 
> remove systemd-resolve and manually create /etc/resolv.conf, 
> you have no place in setting up a Samba AD DC.

Sure you can.  ;-) 

And you dont need to "create" resolv.conf if you setup systemd-networkd.
You then only use these entries and your resolv.conf is setup correctly.

Above  results in .. Always correct resolve.conf 
+ members always correct time without adding extra software like ntp/chrony 
The AC-DC must have ntp, systemd will detect ntpd is installed and re-use some of the ntp.conf settings itself.

Read/execute this script. 
>From the script. 
# This script create the needed systemd network files (ipv4 only for now),
# for an AD-DC of Domain Member setup.
# You need to review the file and execute the instructions after.
# The script itself does NOT change anything to a running server.

It shows most you want to know and howto setup.
I need to add IPv6 to that and the setup of NTP service/daemons for AD-DC. 

But later on, so much work todo.. Aah..



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