[Samba] Upgrade from 4.11.6 to 4.12.2 created authentication issues

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Sat May 16 13:55:18 UTC 2020

On 16/05/2020 14:40, James Atwell wrote:
> On 5/16/2020 5:00 AM, Rowland penny via samba wrote:
>> On 15/05/2020 19:52, James Atwell via samba wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>>         I upgraded two DC's to 4.12.2 from 4.11.6 before I noticed 
>>> authentication issues with a couple Netgear ReadyNAS we have. For 
>>> reference I have a total of 6 DC's with 4 running 4.11.6 and two now 
>>> running 4.12.2.  I ran the usual ./configure,make,make install from 
>>> tar without issues. However running samba-tool drs showrepl I 
>>> noticed a couple errors. Looking through the list I found someone 
>>> else with the same initial problems.  See thread here 
>>> https://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2020-April/229230.html From 
>>> this thread I did what was suggested by Alex and that resolved those 
>>> initial errors.  This brings me back to the Netgear file servers. I 
>>> am no longer able to authenticate the ReadyNAS with my domain.  I 
>>> receive a join error within the Netgear dashboard with no additional 
>>> info. No error code, nothing. I turned up the logging on the Samba 
>>> server I pointed the ReadyNAS at and could see the log for the 
>>> administrator user I'm using to try and join and authenticate. Samba 
>>> shows a successful authentication but then it appears to end there. 
>>> Additional details below about my setup.
>> You need to see the logs for the readynas to try and find out what is 
>> going on.
>> This is what I would do:
>> Seize the FSMO roles to one of the 4.11.6 DC's
>> Demote the two 4.12.2 DC's
>> Remove everything in /usr/local/samba
>> Test if your readynas now connects to the domain again, try a re-join 
>> if not
>> If you have connection, then good, if not, you need to find out why 
>> not and this will require seeing the readynas logs, you may have to 
>> ask netgear about that.
>> Once you have connection from the readynas, run 'make install' again 
>> (No, you shouldn't have to totally build Samba again)
>> Once Samba is installed again, try joining as a DC, hopefully it 
>> should now work.
>> The only major change between 4.11.x and 4.12.x is that you now need 
>> Python 3.5, perhaps you do not have this ?
>> Rowland
> Thanks for the input. Before I do I want to add additional 
> troubleshooting details.  Replication works among all DC's with no 
> obvious samba errors or windows authentication errors.  I unjoined a 
> Windows 10 machine and rejoined to the domain without issue. 

You didn't say that before ;-)

If everything is working except for your readynas, then it sounds like 
this could be a problem with your readynas.

You do not say how old the readynas is, but are there any updates 
available for it ?

Before you do anything, I would ask netgear if they are aware of this 
problem, might be worth mentioning the word 'SMBv1'.

> Everything else is working as it should (i.e, user creation, dns 
> admin, gpo's).  The one other thing I did do different this time and I 
> should have noted previously was use the Verified Package Dependencies 
> from the Wiki to ensure I wasn't missing any. Other than that the 
> build was the same.
> I haven't had to do a seize in a long time of the FSMO roles. If the 
> DC's I upgraded appear to be working should I just transfer or seize? 
> Thanks.
Simple answer, if you can transfer, then transfer, if not, then seize, 
but use '--force' (this stops a useless transfer attempt).


> -James

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