[Samba] DNS problem ubuntu server 20.04

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri May 15 14:29:07 UTC 2020


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> Rowland penny via samba
> Verzonden: vrijdag 15 mei 2020 16:05
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> Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] DNS problem ubuntu server 20.04
> On 15/05/2020 14:55, L.P.H. van Belle via samba wrote:
> >> That is possible on a Unix domain member, but, in my opinion,
> >> you would
> >> have to remove systemd-resolve on a DC
> >>
> >> Run <sudo netstat -plnt | grep '53'> on a newly installed
> >> Ubuntu 20.04
> >> and you get this:
> >>
> >> tcp        0      0*               LISTEN
> >> 451/systemd-resolve
> >>
> >> This would interfere with the AD dns server.
> >>
> > No, that a wrong understanding in my optinion.
> >
> > Per example. The client requests.
> On a client that doesn't run a separate dns server it will 
> work, I can prove this, but you can only run one server on port 53 on a Samba AD DC 
> and that server has to be either the internal dns server or Bind9. If 
> you have systemd-resolve running on a DC, you are not using the dns 
> server you think you are.

I can run as much DNS servers on 1 system as long i have ip adresses and free ports. 
And pass every request to the next in line.. 

Im not saying thats the way to do it but yes you can make that work. => i pass these requests to ( where samba-ad-dc runs )  
Just like any other caching server setup. 

I can make it also work like this. 

( sub => bind9 caching) => samba AD-DC dns. 

And i get the reply back as it should. 
And only...! My client (command line/local software ) that used resolv.conf 
Will use it, this part of it : ( sub => bind9 caching) 

Any computer/server "client" only contacts 

Now im not discussion right or wrong.. But it does work. 
More ways to Rome then you think.. ;-) 

Say no again, and ill make a new setup this weekend on samba ad-dc 20.04 with stub resolving on.  ;-)

But .... please, ;-) dont say no.. I need my rest this weekend.. ;-) 
Almost at 60 hours working this week.. Pff. Almost done here.. 

Was a very buzy week with not much sleep .. 
Have a great weekend guys, im going to sleep few days i think.. 



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