[Samba] Clients send tons of Notiftication requests

Luca Marceglia luca at pianetaluca.com
Wed May 13 12:45:10 UTC 2020

I have found something interesting:
I have a username called luca (and I connect to the samba share with that username).
If I configure the share with read-only access for luca, then everything is fine; if I configure the share with read-write access for luca, then file.app starts continuously refreshing the folders (as they appear and disappear continuously).

Since I am using NFS and need to play with access priorities, I created two accounts on my NAS with the same name of the accounts I have on my Mac. But since uid and gid were different, I changed them on the NAS.

Now, I did not know that smbpasswd has its uid as well and I did not change them.
So luca had a different uid in the smbpasswd file.

I have edited it and now luca has the same uid, but probably I need to delete some chaches? I see a lot of .tdb files in cache/ and locks/ folders but I do not know if I am safe to delete them
Maybe this can out you on the right way to understand where my issue is?

I did the above months ago and did not notice anything, but maybe after rebooting the NAS it got applied to Samba as well? Dunno

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I have been trying to help Luca on the QNAP forum since I have the same NAS.  It reports smbd version 4.7.12.  I have not had any issues, but I am in a Mac/Linux environment only.  
In Luca’s case, he is using NFS (not sure what version) on his Mac and I initially thought that maybe it was initiating change notifications somehow.  Possible?
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