[Samba] Fwd: Win7 clients problem after upgrading samba file server to 4.12 on Arch

Ralph Boehme slow at samba.org
Tue May 12 15:16:14 UTC 2020

Am 5/12/20 um 5:08 PM schrieb pavlos:
> Hi Andrew,
> It was a really great fun for me to hunt for the root-cause, and I am
> very satisfied I managed it. Although it was the very first time for me
> to do it this way - I am an old-fashioned (and retired) programmer, from
> before the era of git.
> Yes, it was my private time - I've written in my initial email that this
> is my home network. 
> I switched to the world of Linux already a couple of years ago (I am one
> of the first Win10 refugees, yet before it got generally available). 
> I got fascinated very quickly about the Free Open Source Software idea. 
> I perceive it as the 8th Wonder of the World - many thousands of people
> spread all over the World committed in producing a very complex piece of
> software, that simply works! Then, all those pieces of software are put
> together as a Server, or a Workstation, or a Network, or... the
> Internet. And it all works!!! Mostly by volunteers!...
> So this little effort of mine - let it be my very insufficient way of
> paying my huge debts to the Big FOSS Community, with Samba Community
> particularly. I still owe you a looooot :)
> Thank you very much, I really appreciate your proposal, but please do
> not mention anything more, just "Enthusiastic Samba User from Poland",
> if you find it appropriate, of course.

haha, I like that, so be it!

Fwiw, latest patchset can be found in the gitlab merge request here:



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