[Samba] rsync replication acl error

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon May 11 19:27:45 UTC 2020

On 11/05/2020 19:51, James B. Byrne wrote:
> On Sat, May 9, 2020 09:37, Rowland penny wrote:
>> Are you using the same filesystem on both machines ?
> No, DC1 uses UFS as that was the only file system which would support
> provisioning on FreeBSD in 2016, when it was set up.  I am trying to get the
> domain moved to new DCs running Samba-4.10.15 on FreeBSD with zfs as the
> underlying store.
> I never thought to consider the difference in file systems as a possible cause
> of the problem because I was concerned only with the Windows ACLS.  So, the
> problem that I am faced with is can I move the sysvol off or do I need a whole
> new domain set up?
> Thanks,
If you want my advice (for what it is worth), try jumping OS, Use the 
latest Debian (or Devuan) with ext4 for the filesystem, this is 
guaranteed to work. Using FreeBSD as a Samba AD DC has always been a 
problem because of the filesystem.

You may be able to get it working on ZFS, but I think you may get better 
help with this from the FreeBSD forum, unless someone else has the 
required incantation ;-)


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