[Samba] 4.12.2 breaks with win clients NT_STATUS_SHARING_VIOLATION

Denis linux at basing.si
Mon May 11 06:45:16 UTC 2020

After Fedora 31 upgrade to F32, samba started to break after more 
clients connect (up to 10).
No config change, no clients change, no sharing changes.  F31 had smb 
4.11.7 and was working fine
after restarting service it works for a while then it breaks with 
various messages for each client

I tried removing some old parameters (no help), I had mounted ssd drive 
into folder structure and I removed it, I did complete uninstall and 
remove all samba related files from /usr/lib64/samba, /var/run/samba, 
/var/log/samba, /usr/share/samba, and maybe some more
It seems quite clean install.  Based on the messages it seems that at 
certain amount of files open, it will break.  I have same F32 with samba 
sharing on different servers with only a few clients, and it doesn't 
break any more after update from 4.12.1, but it's also very little load

Load smb config files from /etc/samba/smb.conf
Loaded services file OK.

Press enter to see a dump of your service definitions

# Global parameters
         bind interfaces only = Yes
         dns proxy = No
         domain master = Yes
         enumports command = /etc/samba/ports
         interfaces = em1 lo
         log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
         max log size = 2500
         message command = csh -c �xedit %s;rm %s� &
         name resolve order = lmhosts wins bcast
         os level = 88
         passdb backend = tdbsam:/etc/samba/tsmbpass.tdb
         preferred master = Yes
         printcap name = cups
         remote announce =
         security = USER
         server string = cfl server
         unix charset = UTF8
         username map = /etc/samba/smbusers
         wins support = Yes
         workgroup = FIRMA
         idmap config * : backend = tdb
         case sensitive = No
         hosts allow = 192.168. 127.

         browseable = No
         comment = Home Directories
         read only = No

         comment = Arhiv
         invalid users = nobody
         path = /1-Arhiv
         read only = No

         comment = Programi
         create mask = 0777
         force create mode = 0777
         force directory mode = 0777
         guest ok = Yes
         invalid users = nobody
         path = /data/1-Program
         read only = No
messages from log files
[2020/05/11 08:33:52.049764,  3] 
   smbd_smb2_request_error_ex: smbd_smb2_request_error_ex: idx[1] 
[2020/05/11 08:33:52.057652,  3] 
   smbd_smb2_request_error_ex: smbd_smb2_request_error_ex: idx[1] 
status[NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED] || at ../../source3/smbd/smb2_tcon.c:142
[2020/05/11 08:19:00.072196,  3] 
   smbd_smb2_request_error_ex: smbd_smb2_request_error_ex: idx[1] 
[2020/05/11 08:33:47.156000,  3] 
   smbd_smb2_request_error_ex: smbd_smb2_request_error_ex: idx[1] 


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