[Samba] Win7 clients problem after upgrading samba file server to 4.12 on Arch

pavlos pavlos.audiofreak at gmail.com
Sat May 9 12:38:07 UTC 2020

sob., 9 maj 2020 o 10:01 Rowland penny via samba <samba at lists.samba.org>

> I cannot see making it user configurable for Window 7 happening, mainly
> because Windows 7 is EOL and Windows wants you to upgrade. Not that this
> has anything to do with us, but do we really want to fix this, when, by
> your own admission, it is fixed in supported versions of Windows ?
> Rowland

Thanks, Rowland.
Of course, fixing that "once and done" is always the best. Please treat my
suggestions of placing a config parameter in smb.conf as a backup solution,
a workaround.

Regarding Windows versions - I have only Win7 32- and 64-bits and Win10
64-bits available at home. Only Win7 - both architectures - are suffering
because of this problem. Win10 as well as other operating systems work OK.
In other posts and forums I have also found some issues around 2008 Server
editions having troubles with Samba recently - they share the same code
with Win7.

I know that if this is a Windows bug - it will never be fixed in Win7 /
Win2008. But there is a lot of hardware with Win7 embedded, with no upgrade
path available. Why should I dispose a good and functioning equipment?
Especially when it is not exposed to the Internet, working in
private networks, where security vulnerability is not an issue at all?...

Regards, Pawel

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