[Samba] Azure AD Connect

Marcio Merlone marcio.merlone at a1.ind.br
Mon May 4 17:21:57 UTC 2020

So, testing samba 4.12 on a Debian buster I found those no-go issues:

- Password sync dont work either way, nor sync neither write-back.

- Distribution groups can't receive external mails, it relies on missing 
properties on samba schema regarding Exchange. So I cant permit a group 
to receive mail from outside my domain.

That said, only option to any kind of integration with Azure is give up 
on samba and migrate ALL DCs to Microsoft as of now. I've been working 
on this network with samba for more than a decade, seems it is time to 
move on for me.

Thanks all, best regards.

Em 30/03/2020 10:05, Marcio Merlone via samba escreveu:
> Hi,
> We are preparing to migrate our mail server to Azure and would like to 
> integrate it vi AD Connect with our AD - Samba 4.7 upgrading to 4.11 
> (Thanks Louis!).
> Anyone willing to share the experience? I see on some not-so-old posts 
> there is a problem syncing password hashes, but since samba is an ever 
> evolving solution I would like to know how are you dealing with this?
> Thanks and best regards.
*Marcio Merlone*

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