[Samba] Synology NAS looses connection to Samba AD

Alexander Harm alexander.harm at apfelq.com
Tue Mar 31 10:08:28 UTC 2020

Sorry to bother again… looking at the logs

[ipv4:]  NETLOGON computer [FILESERVER] trust account [FILESERVER$]
[2020/03/18 00:51:45.001044,  3] ../../auth/auth_log.c:653(log_authentication_event_human_readable)
  Auth: [Kerberos KDC,ENC-TS Pre-authentication] user [(null)]\[FILESERVER$@DS.EXAMPLE.COM] at [Wed, 18 Mar 2020 00:51:45.001031 CET] with [aes256-cts-hmac-sha1-96] status [NT_STATUS_OK] workstation [(null)] remote host [ipv4:] became [EXAMPLE]\[FILESERVER$] [S-1-5-21-1451753080-565542361-3466525082-2103]. local host [NULL]
[2020/03/18 00:53:49.362120,  2] ../../auth/auth_log.c:653(log_authentication_event_human_readable)
  Auth: [Kerberos KDC,ENC-TS Pre-authentication] user [(null)]\[FILESERVER$@DS.EXAMPLE.COM] at [Wed, 18 Mar 2020 00:53:49.362103 CET] with [aes256-cts-hmac-sha1-96] status [NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD] workstation [(null)] remote host [ipv4:] mapped to [EXAMPLE]\[FILESERVER$]. local host [NULL]
Am I right in understanding that the following event logs the mapping of a client to an AD-object?

remote host [ipv4:] became [EXAMPLE]\[FILESERVER$] [S-1-5-21-1451753080-565542361-3466525082-2103]
And does someone know if QNAP’s Samba is also heavily modified, similar to Synology’s?

Thanks, Alexander

On 26. March 2020 at 22:11:11, Alexander Harm (alexander.harm at apfelq.com) wrote:

Out of curiosity: is QNAP as bad as Synology or is there another “mainstream” NAS solution with more vanilla Samba out there?


On 25. March 2020 at 11:40:08, Ralph Boehme via samba (samba at lists.samba.org) wrote:

Am 3/25/20 um 11:36 AM schrieb Rowland penny via samba:  
> Thanks Ralph, didn't know that, but shouldn't they provide source code  
> somewhere ?  

they do, iirc somewhere on sf.net. That's how I know that it's so  
massively modified.  


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