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Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Mon Mar 30 02:43:21 UTC 2020

This turns into a non-samba discussion pretty quickly - but I'll chime in.

I agree with Sven - that's true. The real problem, as I see it is that the interests of the client and the vendor often don't really align - at least not in the short term.

The vendor wants to do things as cheaply as possible so they make money now.
You [the client] want them to provide reliable service.

Yet the vendor can cut a ton of corners and do things in a way that's badly engineered and yet invisible to you the client. You'll only find out when the crunch comes.

But the political realities are that it IS often easier to get someone to pay a smallish monthly fee.
Just witness Office 365. $8/mo/user for forever, or $200/user for a perpetual license. In a couple of years using 365, you've paid for the perpetual license. In ~7 years, you've spent ~$1000 more on the 365 license. But it's amazing how many people line up to pay the "small monthly fee."


The nice part, for a Samba cloud instance, IMO, would be an off-site repository of the AD db. Should a total disaster befall the in-house setup, you could transition to relying on the cloud based setup.

But that's outsourcing hardware.

Sven seems to want to outsource the Samba expertise. That seems a much harder solution to create. 

Part of the issue is that each client will be doing different things and the way it can fail or have problems is so varied. It would be hard to build in enough margin into the service to pay for the stand-by expertise of a knowledgeable Samba person. It would seem better to develop a relationship with a good consultant, and perhaps a retainer relationship.

But interesting considerations...

SSvs> On 27.01.20 17:18, Rowland penny via samba wrote:> Why not be honest,
SSvs> the 'cloud' is actually a server farm, somewhere else
>> on the planet, over which you have little or no control.

SSvs> Back in the old days we called this "managed servers" or "vservers".

SSvs> Those had exactly the same problems, yet were also insanely popular for
SSvs> mostly the same reason: You can just cut a cheque to someone who
SSvs> actually knows what he's doing (hopefully), and don't have to invest in
SSvs> building/maintaining your own IT expertise, which can be quite
SSvs> expensive. (And, depending on where you are, you flat out might not have
SSvs> enough qualified personnel around.)

SSvs> Monthly subscriptions tend to be a lot easier to budget and/or get
SSvs> approval for than payroll expenses, too, if you're in a large company
SSvs> where bureaucracy has turned into a competitive art form. (See also, the
SSvs> Roman Empire, Decline and fall of.)

SSvs> That's attractive to a lot of companies who think that IT isn't their
SSvs> core business. Whether that's a correct assessment is a different matter…

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