[Samba] permissions issues

Vernon Fort vfort at ifortsystems.com
Wed Mar 25 20:49:06 UTC 2020

Using samba 4.9.1 + KRB5 + SSSD + winbind.  Used realm join and successfully joined the domain.  Having permission problems creating a share.  I create Linux share as:

                Mkdir /storage1/Data/corp
                Chmod -R 0770 /storage1/Data/corp
                Chown -R "test-AD\administrator":"test-ad\Corp Users" /storage1/Data/corp

Then use MMC on the windows Domain Controller to set share permission.  Share Permission are Domain Users and Corp Users - both full access.  Then permission are set full access to both groups as well as administrator.  I can only access the share as a general windows domain user (after the above is setup) if I chmod to 0777 on the root folder (/storage1/Data/corp).  Then I can delete files but cannot create any.  If I change mod to 777 on the whole directory, I can then create files.

I have been using samba for decades and with active directory for the past 6 years - NEVER have I had to set the linux folder mods to 0777.  The group is MMC say "Unix Group" even though I set it to a AD group.

Someone please point me in a good direction.....


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