[Samba] FREEBSD 12 - Samba410 - General question

Suporte - KONTROL suporte at kontrolsecurity.com.br
Tue Mar 24 14:22:40 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,

Good morning/afternoon/evening.


Got a question regarding a FREEBSD 12 being used as a proxy (SQUID) with

Do I have to keep SMBD and NMBD services enabled with WINBIND to act as a an
Active Directory "CLIENT ONLY" (for Squid proxy purposes) or, can I disable
SMBD and NMBD and keep WINBIND only?

I am asking because I made a test killing both processes and keeping Winbind
only and everything still working fine. As the machine as already part of
the Domain, I am not sure those services are required during the "joining"


This was the best description I could find -->


SMBD = File Sharing and Printing (also authentication)

NMBD -= NetBios services

Winbindd - Groups and Users



Thanks !!




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