[Samba] How to implement Spotlight support using ElasticSearch

Gordon Davis gordonsambalist at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 01:44:01 UTC 2020

Samba 4.12 release notes
<https://www.samba.org/samba/history/samba-4.12.0.html> mention "New
Spotlight backend for Elasticsearch" and specify some new parameters for
smb.conf, but there appear to be zero guides or further instructions for
getting this to work.

I'm not even clear how filesystem indexing is supposed to work.
ElasticSearch appears to be simply a searchable database system that needs
to be combined with other solutions in order to actual get data into it.
There are several references in the samba source to a file
"elasticsearch_mappings.json" usually installed in
`/usr/share/samba/mdssvc/`, but I don't see this file on any of my Samba

Basically, I'm wondering how to actually set ElasticSearch up to index the
filesystem and store the data in the format Samba expects in order to
support Spotlight.

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