[Samba] Connection to ADSI edit

Lionel Monchecourt lionel.monchecourt at free.fr
Wed Mar 18 15:59:55 UTC 2020


I'm trying to get connected through the Microsoft ADSI tool to my server but
get the follwing error message :

Operation failed error code : 0x80090350

The System cannot contact a domain controller to service the authentication
request. Please try again later.


I want to set a Widows AD PKI auth and so following this documentation (
stuck in this step )  :


Please note that : 

- I have of course registered the computer to the domain 

- I'm able to get connected through Microsoft  computer / user config tool
and it works.

- When I launch the ADSI edit tool, opposite to what is said in the doc, I
must provide the server/domain to connect to ( can not leave the fault
choice to "Domain or server that you logged in to )

- related ( or not ), I can not get connected through the Microsoft DNS mngt
tool to my server

- when I try to connect from this computer to the server with a generic ldap
client, it works


Any insights ? 

Thanks !


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